What We Do

High Profile Entertainments & Productions, Inc. is an artist/entertainment development company that works to assist aspiring entertainers in all aspects of the business to achieve their maximum potential. We provide music productions, audio engineering, choreography and lyric writing. We cater to all genres of music, acting and modeling. We are always looking for new talent!

We also offer:


Entertainers include, but are not limited to:
Pop, Variety Party Dance Bands, Jazz and Blues, Rock, Funk, R&B, Soul, Country, Folk, Latin, Classical, Indian, Reggae, Instrumental and much more!
Our services also include comedians,  original material music productions, as well as Actors/Actresses, Film Score Composers, and Celebrity Acts.

Performers represented are of a wide variety of styles and we service many different event types such as:
Restaurants, Nightclubs, Festivals, Performing Art Theatres, Concert Halls, Casinos, Corporate Events, Luxury Hotels,
Weddings, Charities, Private Parties, Sports Events, Cruise Lines and more!

We represent artists who can provide stand-alone performances, headlining acts as well as opener slots and in varying configurations from small to elaborate!


From the Beginning

In his early 30's, President, CEO & Founder, "Blaze", of High Profile Entertainments & Productions, Inc. poses with award winning group vocalists, Pure Soul. Blaze was featured in a show with the talented R&B girl group at the Ritz in the early 90's.  

HPE & Sony Records Producer,

Doc Holiday

Long time friend and multi-award winning Producer, Doc Holiday of Sony Records, has worked with High Profile Entertainments & Productions, Inc. on several R&B projects in the DMV area. Doc has been an amazing business advisor and mentor to Blaze since 1994, aiding in the dream and successful business plan of the Corporation since it's early years. 

Talent Scouting

High Profile Entertainments & Productions, Inc. is continuously seeking talent to represent in the DMV area. With resources in the music, dance, and film industries, we can help manage and guide you into success!


Mortimer M. Philbert, Sr. AKA "Blaze"

President, CEO & Founder

Mortimer M. Philbert, Sr., AKA "Blaze" has been involved in the entertainment industry since he was a young child. Growing up as a comical young man, Blaze also took ballroom dance instruction, tap and modern jazz. Blaze is also gifted in singing, songwriting and keyboard.

At the age of 17, while attending Erasmus Hall High School in Brooklyn, NY, which specializes in the Academy of Arts & Entertainment, Blaze began his dream of building an entertainment empire and since, has taken the steps into building High Profile Entertainments & Productions,Inc.

Blaze has worked closely with associates of Sony Records. As a teen, Blaze has been featured in an Afro Sheen commercial and has also modeled for text books regarding math and science. 

Amy Serna

Chief Executive Assistant/ Public Relations Coordinator/ IT Manager

Amy Serna has been working with High Profile Entertainments & Productions, Inc. since 2018. She aids in the behind-the-scenes portion of the company with marketing, website design, and events coordinating. 

Amy has been involved in the entertainment industry since 2013 when she dipped into plus size modeling and screenplay writing. Since then, Amy has completed two original screenplays, and is currently working on a third. She has been Script Editor for two additional screenplays, has been a featured actress in two web series, has modeled for a textbook regarding radiology and anatomy, and has also been featured in multiple runway shows, including JC Penny, The Avenue and The Arizona Bridal Show. 

Kevin Smith

Chief Operating Officer

High Profile Entertainments & Productions, Inc. is proud to announce that retired US Marine Veteran, Mr. Kevin Smith, has joined our team! Mr. Smith comes to us with an extensive background and education in logistics. As the past President of the National Institute of Packing, Handling and Logistics Engineers (2010-2012), Kevin currently serves on multiple boards such as International Life Science Institute, International Association of Packing Research Institute, and Packing Advisory Board. 

After 39 years of service to the US military, Kevin still serves his country as Logistics Management Specialist for Installation & Logistics since 2010; Headquarters- Pentagon. 

We are excited to have Kevin join our team and contribute his plethora of knowledge and skill to High Profile Entertainments & Productions, Inc.

Steve Limage

Audio Engineer

Audio Engineer, Steve Limage, has been working closely with High Profile Entertainments & Productions, Inc. since 2017, to ensure that our artists sound top notch! He specializes in ensuring that each track is edited to the highest quality sound. His skills of mixing and mastering each audio track helps set us apart from others in the industry!

In addition to being an amazing audio engineer, Steve is quite savvy in mixing original beats and composing lyrics. His quirky and creative lyrics are sure to relate to anyone and give them a positive boost to daily life situations! He multi-talent also extends into voice over work.

Currently, Steve is attending Full Sail University and will soon obtain his degree in Audio Production!

Scott Carter

Executive Producer

Mr. Carter is one of our newest HPE Members, but he sure isn't new to the music industry! Scott has dedicated many years of his life to his talent in the music industry, and after playing in multiple bands over his time, Scott has moved on to Producing multiple genres of music, with an emphasis on his passion, rock and roll. 

We are excited to have Scott join our team and are so excited at what he has to bring to the table when it comes to producing great sound!


Rick Robinson  


Emmy Award Winner, Rick Robinson, was also nominated for a Primetime Emmy for his outstanding work in cinematography. Rick has worked with High Profile Entertainments & Productions, Inc. since 2015.

Over the years, Rick has traveled the world, working with well known artists such as Paul McCartney, Paula Abdul, Madonna and the King of Pop himself, Michael Jackson. In addition to being an extremely valuable team member for High Profile Entertainments & Productions, Inc., Rick continues to spread his knowledge and skill by teaching at The Los Angeles Film School and was previously a faculty member at Columbia College and Hollywood.

HPE Shows, News & More!


High Profile Entertainments & Productions, Inc. is PROUD to announce the opening of it's new studio location in Northern Virginia! Our studio offers live sound recording, vocal recording, mixing and mastering, DJ services and much more!

Trademark Official

October 2019

Hampton VA Medical Center Benefits Show

On October 19, 2019 High Profile Entertainments & Productions, Inc. brought an unforgettable show to the Hampton VA Medical Center, which was open to all Veterans, their families, and the VA Medical Center's Staff.  In an effort to bring some light, happiness, and a good time to those Veterans who are otherwise unable to attend such events, High Profile Entertainments & Productions, Inc. stepped up and brought a show to them all. From R&B, to Gospel, to Hip Hop and Rap, a plethora of amazing talent donated their time to giving back to those who give so much to us!

From everyone at High Profile Entertainments & Productions, Inc. we thank every Service Member, past, present and future, for your unselfish sacrifice.

Pictured above: President & CEO, Mortimer "Blaze" Philbert, Sr. and Chief Executive Assistant, Amy Serna.

Special thanks to the team who served in the Hampton VA Medical Center Benefits Show!

Emcee- Lolita Clark, Gospel Group Voices of Worship (VOW)- Julie White (not pictured),  Stephanie Tyree and Chanda Armstrong, Gospel Rapper- Ambition, President & CEO of High Profile Entertainments & Productions, Inc.- Mortimer "Blaze" Philbert, Sr., Chief Executive Assistant- Amy Serna, Audio Engineer- Steve Limage, Singer/Songwriter- Wendy Johnson, R&B Artist- Charles Moore, Hip Hop Artist (lower right side)- Jamieson.

In a gesture of deep gratitude, our President and CEO, Mr. Mortimer "Blaze" Philbert, Sr. gifted stock certificates into High Profile Entertainments & Productions, Inc. to Mr. Steve Limage and Mr. Scott Carter due to their extreme dedication to the company.  Congratulations, Steve and Scott! 

Pictured from left to right: Steve Limage- Audio Engineer, Scott Carter-Producer, Mortimer "Blaze" Philbert, Sr.-President & CEO, Amy Serna-Chief Executive Assistant.

If you're looking to become a collaborating team member, represented talent of HPE, or if you are seeking services for your next event or production, please contact us today to discuss further details!

(240) 350-4863      OR      m.philber@highprofileentertainments.com

Films, Music & Sound

HPE has broken full force into the film world! In less than a year, they have obtained two contracts with two separate feature films and are working on obtaining their third contact!  This talented team of experts will be arranging all original music and sound for a drama, a psychological thriller/horror, and are lined up to take the spot on a western/drama.

They are listed in the IMDb credits of the following feature films:




iHeart Radio Shout Out Recieved!

In a recent iHeart Radio interview, our soon to be featured artist, Aline, gave us a shout out! We are excited to work with Mrs. Aline on a song she wrote specifically for the feature film, Raw Power, in which High Profile Entertainments & Productions, Inc., will be completing the scoring for! Mrs. Aline is a well seasoned actress, recently working with HALLE BERRY and will also be joining the cast of CONNIE, which High Profile Entertainments & Productions, Inc. will also be scoring! In addition to her singing and acting career, Mrs. Aline is the recent recipient of the 2020 New Jersey Mrs. Petite crown! Congratulations, Mrs. Aline! Check out her interview with iHeart Radio below where she mentions her upcoming work with High Profile Entertainments & Productions, Inc.!


Interview With Tammy Reese of Vocal Media, BEAT!

Check out the latest interview Tammy Reese of Vocal Media, BEAT did with the President & CEO of High Profile Entertainments & Production, Inc! We are super excited to share this article with all of our HPE members! Click the link below to read the full feature!


Seriously Unimportant Interview

Album Releases & More!

High Profile Entertainments & Productions, Inc. is proudly working with singer/song writers Wendy Johnson and Jonathan Tolliver, known as JOHN JOHN, to complete their FIRST Gospel Album! Completion of the album is scheduled for early 2021 and is planned to be distributed through major retailers! After this album is completed, we will be dipping into a brand new album with this duo, which will push them into a brand new genre! Stay tuned and watch for the release of their upcoming album, The Beginning!

                        DJ Services                                          Band Services                                         Comedians

                  What’s included?                                                                                         What’s included?                                                                  What’s included?   

  •    Minimum 4 hours of high energy                                            •    Catering to small or large engagements/venues           •   1 hour set of live laughter  

entertainment with a variety of music choices                                      with a minimum of 4 hours of personalized                        •   Premium quality sound for

 • Premium quality sound for any size venue                                           entertainment                                                               any size venue

 •  Laser lights                                                                              •    Premium quality sound for any size venue               •   Catering to small or large  

•   Fog machines with custom scents                                             •    Laser lights                                                                        engagements/venues

•  Projection screens with ability to provide                                 •     Fog machines with custom scents                          •   Stage pyrotechnics, laser

display of personal photos, videos and/or messages                              •    Projection screens with ability to provide                        lights and fog machines

  •  Full bands and solo artists available for weddings,                   display of personal photos, videos, and/or messages         available to give that extra

engagement parties, company engagements, intimate settings             •   Stage Pyrotechnics                                                  WOW  factor to your event


Small engagements/venues $500.00 & up                            Small engagements/venues $100.00/ hour & up              Small engagements/venues $300.00 & up

Large engagements/venues $1,000.00 & up                         Large engagements/venue $500.00/hour & up            Large engagements/venues $500.00 & up


Studio Sessions & Recording

·         Professional Wireless Microphones

·         Pro Tools, Ableton Live 10 Suite , Logic Pro X

·         Vocal recording - $50.00 to $300.00 per song

·          Mixing and mastering your original piece - $100.00 to $300.00 per song

·         Catered studio time space to solo, group, and bands available - $30.00 to $150.00 per hour

·         Premium quality, equipment, and sound with top-notch music producers available for in-studio recording sessions - $100.00 to $200.00 per song

•    Photography studio available for album cover shots, promotional material & music videos with full array of lighting, fog machines & more- $25.00 to $300.00 

High Profile Entertainment Low Top Sneakers 

Please contact us for your personalized order

High Profile Entertainment Coffee Mugs & Pens

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High Profile Entertainment Men's Cologne

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High Profile Entertainment Baseball Caps & Apparel 

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Featured Artists


High Profile Entertainments and Productions, Inc is excited to welcome Nicole!

As a seasoned recording artist and singer/songwriter, Nicole dedicates her talents to providing strong and powerful Gospel music and has deservingly received multiple awards such as:

Urban Inspirational awards

2011 Best Contemporary Artist

2012 Best International Artist

Nicole has even had the honor of performing at the White House and is in the process of releasing her second album, which will be available in the Spring of 2020.

After checking out the link to get a taste of her soulful sound, contact High Profile Entertainments and Productions, Inc to discuss bookings and availability and use code "NICOLE"



High Profile Entertainments and Productions, Inc is excited to welcome Ambition!

Ambition's talent lies within his unique sound, bringing the real sound of the streets to your ears while delivering the Word of God all at the same time. The honesty of his words quickly penetrates your soul as his lyrics sink deep in a relatable and honest manner to real life.

After checking out the link to get a taste of his unique and powerful sound, contact High Profile Entertainments and Productions, Inc to discuss bookings and availability and use code "AMBITION"


Pawn Shop Poet

High Profile Entertainments and Productions, Inc is excited to welcome

Pawn Shop Poet!

Artist, Rob Roy, better known as "Pawn Shop Poet", has graced his presence with becoming a High Profile Entertainments & Productions, Inc. talent, bringing forth a new sound, covering the spectrum of Alternative Rock all the way to heartfelt Love Ballads and Melodic Dance. As a singer/song writer, Rob has also mastered the artistry of being a guitarist and is able to wow you with his dynamic FIVE octave vocal range!

After checking out the link to get a taste of his smooth and calm sound, contact High Profile Entertainments and Productions, Inc to discuss bookings and availability and use code "PAWN SHOP POET"



High Profile Entertainments & Productions, Inc, is so excited to introduce Mrs. Aline to the team! Mrs. Aline is an award winning American singer/songwriter, rapper and an award winning nominee in the Screen Actors Guild and AFTRA union. She has recently worked for Halle Berry on her first directional feature "Bruised", and with Sally Field, Jason Segel, Russell Brand and more on Netflix's "Dispatches From Elsewhere".

In addition to her well accomplished music and film careers, Aline was awarded a Queen's Crown as state title holder, "Mrs. New Jersey Petite 2020". Aline grew up in New Jersey's most historic resort town of Cape May and through surviving a string of heartbreaking trials and tribulations during her younger years, Mrs. Aline found her outlet in music and and writing, which led her to graduate fully decorated with many awards including Honors, Choir President, Lead in Musicals, and a member of the Tri-M Music Honor Society!

In Aline's college years, she worked toward a double major in Liberal Science and The Performing Arts, where she earned her way to the Dean's list.
Aline is now New Jersey's youngest DAV member where she donates her time and charity aside from pageant duties. She is an advocate for anti-bullying, misdiagnosed patients and adults with disabilities.

Aline is, needless to say, a powerful, self rising entrepreneur and has previously ghost written for other artists, worked on video production, and future children's networks, as well as being able to mix and master her own sounds! Mrs. Aline released her first single debut "Sick', which recently won two ElephantTalk Indie Music awards for her music video in Atlantic City, New Jersey!    

Mrs. Aline has joined the High Profile Entertainments & Productions, Inc. team and will be working closely with us on both the music and film side of things on up coming productions!

Welcome, once again, Mrs. Aline, to the HPE Family!

Contact HPE to book this artist by using subject code "ALINE".


High Profile Entertainments & Productions, Inc, is so excited to introduce ChadwellWho, a London, Ohio born Hip-Hop artist to the team! ChadwellWho began writing when he was 16 years old and is known for his catchy and relatable songs such as "Bad News" and "Say More". ChadwellWho creates songs with pure authentic sounds that originate from his past experiences as an up and coming artist as well as through life itself. With influences such as G-Eazy, KYLE and Chance The Wrapper, ChadwellWho maintains his inspiration and desire to encourage his listeners to chase their dreams, no matter the cost! Check out ChadwellWho at the below link!


Welcome, once again, ChadwellWho, to the HPE Family!

Contact HPE to book this artist by using subject code "CHADWELLWHO".


High Profile Entertainments & Productions is so excited to welcome Ristlynn to the team!  Ristlynn is a multi talented singer and instrumentalist, writing all his songs from scratch. His music is a blend of pop alternative, stealing elements from rock, reggae, funk, pop punk, and R&B. He has an electrifying energy that ebbs and flows between high energy and chill. With blasting choruses and cool groove based rhythms, Ristlynn also grinds his lyricism with a randomized formula of sarcasm and eccentricity; which makes for a fun and vivid combination when smashed together. Ristlynn has multiple features and interviews with renowned music magazines and blogs including Buzz Music, Fame Magazine, Camden Monthly, and Music Crowns, to name a few. He currently releases new music fairly regularly, on a bimonthly basis. Having developed a heavy intrigue for musical expression through film, he now writes and directs his own music videos after the success of the video for the single, ‘I’m Going Down’. All his music can be easily accessed online on any music streaming or listening platform.   


Acting & Modeling Opportunities

High Profile Entertainments & Productions, Inc. is in partnership with AS Plus Modeling, LLC. If you're interested in modeling and/or acting, visit them online at https://asplusmodeling.com 


Submit your information below and we will contact you soon regarding opportunities with High Profile Entertainments & Productions, Inc! Be sure to let us know what your specific area of interest is!